It’s a hard pill to swallow that every night, thousands of young Australians, including 6,000 in Victoria alone, lack safe and secure housing. Many can’t live with their families, and foster care isn’t always an option. The event wasn’t isn’t just about exercise; but about taking tangible steps toward a brighter future for these youths.

The Property Industry Foundation firmly believes that every young Australian deserves a secure home environment as the foundation for shaping their future. Their purpose is to mobilise the efforts of the industry and charity partners to create these safe spaces.

The McCormack team led by Site Manager Riley Fogarty raised almost $10,000, contributing significantly to the event’s total of over $100,000. This money goes directly to constructing secure environments for those in need, ensuring homeless youth receive the shelter they require.

After the run and walk, our team enjoyed a networking lunch at The Park Melbourne function venue, complete with drinks, canapes, food stations, and prize presentations. This provided an opportunity not only to connect with industry professionals but also to learn more about the impact of the fundraiser and the support it provides to less fortunate individuals.

McCormack is always eager to get involved in supporting youth homelessness. We are committed to supporting the Lighthouse Foundation throughout 2024, an organisation whose mission is to create pathways to end youth homelessness and provide crucial support to youths coping with trauma.

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