Close up of the McCormack family on-site together.


Our workplace is under-pinned by a culture of respect for others and a strong emphasis on work-ethic as well as flexibility. 

We ensure that inclusion is not a token and that our belief in the importance of diversity is ingrained in all that we do.  We strive every day to improve our business and commit to growth, development and innovation.

McCormack project crew cracking a few jokes on site. Culture.


Built on Teamwork

Although strong leadership is undoubtedly important, even more critical to our process and delivery is teamwork. We work as a unified team both on-site and behind the scenes because we believe it is the most effective way. Our in-house team work together on multiple projects, from Site Managers to Tradestaff, keeping each other accountable at every step of the build. Our strong relationships have been built on over the years from subcontractors to our extended family of clients. Our business and partnerships are rich with knowledge and we draw on the collaborative and innovative experiences of our team to execute and deliver on our promises.

Built on Reliability

Having delivered thousands of successful projects over the past 40 years, our reputation as a reliable Builder speaks for itself.  The repeat clients, with whom we have formed valued relationships are a testament to the standards we set. Our in-house Project Management and Construction team work closely with a number of specialist contractors, determined by the unique requirements of each project, to ensure we maintain our exceptional quality and service beyond the family.

Built on Trust

Trust is earnt and integral to our company’s foundations. Communication, transparency and alignment in expectation create loyal clients that entrust McCormack with their vision to bring their projects to life.  Investing together in a common vision sees us grow, thrive and evolve with our clients. As a trusted experienced team in the commercial building industry, we take pride in attracting clients, sub-contractors and partners who align with our values.

Built on Progress

We have a rich history, however we don’t rest on past achievements or ways of working. We are constantly adapting and innovating. As we take on new endeavours we continue to stretch ourselves and learn, exploring and implementing new systems and processes to enhance our business. We are proud to be part of an industry that is stepping up and committing to refining our craft.


To support our extensive in-house team, we’ve built a reliable network of partners, specialist contractors and suppliers. 

Over many years, we have established a who’s who of specialists that we call on depending on the specific needs of each project. These collaborators continue to prove their work meets our stringent quality standards as part of our extended family. This network supports us to maintain outstanding quality standards in every project we deliver.


McCormack family photo.

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