Balance Studio

Empowering Office Return through Wellness Initiatives

Companies and corporations, the world over have seen the impact a balanced and happy worker can have on its operations, while governments realised the same could work to foster a happy population. At the end of the day, wellness, and the well-being of everyone should be less of a concern and more of a right. If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, a happy mind and body should be able to do the same.

Recognizing this, AMP Capital’s redevelopment of the ground floor at the corner of King and Bourke saw an opportunity to introduce wellness and mindfulness to the visitors, tenants, staff, and clients of Bourke Place with the launch and opening of Balance Studio.

With a sleek and industrial aesthetic, Balance Studio offers, among others, yoga, pilates, meditation and core athletic. Designed to improve and add to the wellness and wellbeing of all at AMP Capital Bourke Place, Balance Studio understands the value of making wellness a part of your everyday routine and practices.

Designed and built by McCormack, the serene and peaceful environment is as much a mental retreat as it is physical. Comforting, energising, and encouraging, Balance Studios uses an earthy palette, natural materiality, and clever spatial planning to promote engagement and fluid movement throughout.

McCormack has seen how important work/life balance is in their own workplace and the  inclusion of wellness and the action of well-being into our lives is something McCormack is committed to providing for clients and companies alike. With projects like Balance Studios, McCormack has witnessed what the benefits of adding dedicated wellness facilities to your business can do. Reach out to McCormack and realise the potential of your staff, clients and community.