Welcome to the new McCormack…

Welcome to the new McCormack…

Over the last five decades, McCormack has grown to become one of Victoria’s leading full-service building companies. With our project sizes increasing, we have worked hard to ensure our resources have too.  A strong focus on quality, valuable outcomes and setting the industry standard for impeccable service, we have always taken pride in our work and relationships.

It is only appropriate, therefore, for the McCormack premises to reflect our commitment to world-standard design. In October of 2018, we decided it was time to give ourselves a physical and digital revamp – we hope you enjoy the results!


Working with our in-house design team – Studio 103 – we looked to turn our newly purchased site into a highly functional space that allowed for creative collaboration whilst instilling our team with a sense of pride and belonging.

Beyond this, we needed to develop a space that was in line with our business vision, facilitating our plan for future growth and accommodating the flexibility we require.

Architecturally, our aim was to retain the original industrial charm of the building and develop upon the impressive foundations to create a slick, modern space. By injecting contemporary flair into the traditional framework, we sought to create a home for McCormack that would stand apart from the crowd.

At the core of McCormack is our people. The design of our new space therefore needed to be one in which our team felt at home. To achieve this, a large breakout space was created with banquet seating and cafe style chairs, promoting a social and welcoming atmosphere.

The end result is one that truly reflects the ambitions and aesthetic that is so characteristic of McCormack. The exposed brick walls pay homage to Abbotsford’s industrial past, while the airy interiors allow for conversation and collaboration. Click here to experience the full scope of the project and see how it came to life.


Stunning visuals are not just for physical spaces! To complement our brand new office space, our team also pushed forward to develop an online home showcasing all that McCormack has to offer.

The new and improved McCormack Property website now perfectly illustrates the handiwork and taste that our businesses is known for.

A full scope of our work is now displayed on the new site and with something for everyone, you can now discover a world of possibility that we can help you to create.

From Commercial and Design & Construct spaces, through to the Government & Education, Industrial and Facility Projects there has never been a better time to see what is possible and discover your inspiration opportunity today.


While much has changed over the last 50 years that McCormack has been in business, some things remain the same.

The development of a new premises and the creation of an improved website reflect our commitment to growth and evolution, however we will continue to deliver the high quality and professional service we are known for but now on a larger scale.

At McCormack we are working hard to remain committed to delivering valuable outcomes and returns for our clients whilst setting the industry standard for service, reliability and quality.