McCormack may have had its start in Jack McCormack’s garage over 50 years ago, but his principles of teamwork, reliability, trustworthiness and quality still guide the company today.

The humble beginnings of the painting and maintenance company changed when Jack’s two sons joined the fray. Greg and Wade took McCormack from the garage to a full-service building company, growing to include design and construction, fit-out and refurbishment and project and construction management.

McCormack now employs 95 people over various roles and capacities, but the one true connection of the company is the ability to provide a consistent message and relationship with all clients. With a unified, in-house team, we can supply boutique services that ensure collaborative and personal results, sticking to Jack’s core tenets of quality and timeliness.

Third generation McCormack’s, Lauren and Brad, keep the family name alive and have made sure the construction company enters the 21st century with its best foot forward.

“My goal at McCormack is to create a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers our staff to create not just beautiful spaces for people to work in but makes them feel as if what they are doing is making a difference to people’s lives,” says Lauren.

The introduction of graduate programs, remote working policies, even gender splits at leadership levels, training seminars, wellness programs and an employee recognition scheme has meant McCormack can build on the foundations laid all those years ago and hold it’s head high going forward, as it makes not just a meaningful difference on the landscape but also in the workplace.

As the company grows, so have the services it can offer. Already working across several sectors, including commercial, government, education, industrial and residential, McCormack also offers expertise in fit-out and refurbishment, asset repositioning and heritage restoration. With hand-picked specialists and a team committed to the result, McCormack looks back at those simple driveway beginnings with fondness. The desire for a job well done still motivates the company, while the ability to make a difference in people’s lives on both sides of the site will never get old.

The essence of Jack McCormack lives on.