For any number of reasons, whether real estate market shifts, dated facilities, demographic changes or renewed interest in a once-stagnant area, the way we respond, maintain, and react to these changes will have a massive impact on building occupancy rates and demand.

Sometimes it can be as simple as starting with a repaint, but at times, your building (your asset) will need more attention and forethought to continue evolving.

On top of the sustainability considerations or the benefits of enhancing the well-being of employees, the idea of asset repositioning will play a massive part in our buildings’ future use/s.

Whether it comes from the tenant demanding up-to-date technology and better facilities or a landlord’s total refurbishment to adapt to a modern market, the need for asset repositioning is more crucial than ever.

McCormack has been leading the way in this market, having seen the potential in helping companies and businesses attract employees back to the office after a difficult few years. These new spaces aim to engage people, retain staff and tenants and provide unique experiences.

ACCORDING TO DELOITTE, 44% of commercial real estate executives plan to invest or increase investments in these flexible environments too.

For McCormack, our work on projects such as the 31 Queen Street development for AEW and Artifex Property is a perfect case in point. In a building that’s undergone a massive refurbishment, McCormack refurbished the ground floor, installing End of Trip Facilities, a business lounge, upgraded the café, multiple levels of Lobby & Amenities and built a series of spec suites that provided fluidity to enhance the experience of current and future tenants.

McCormack specialises in:

  • Common Areas – Cafes, Business Hubs and Wellness Centres.
  • Base Building Services – lift and amenities upgrades
  • Tenancy Alterations – Demolition, make goods, back to base works
  • Services – Design and Operational Optimisation and energy efficiency investments
  • Exteriors – Cladding, restoration and painting
  • Fitout & Refurbishments – Turn-key spec fit-outs

The work you need always takes into consideration your current budget and your long-term goals. In doing so, we are able to provide equally important benefits such as building efficiency and energy performance or more obvious improvements that may repurpose your building’s entire potential. For landlords and owners, meeting the market is an essential update if you’re to achieve sustainable returns and occupancy. To lose prospective tenants because a building doesn’t provide flexible working spaces or innovative amenities can be difficult.  Let us help you provide the right space for the right area to attract the right tenant.

Take a look at some of our recent Asset Repositioning projects.

As the world changes, so too do our emotional and philosophical needs. The renewal of existing buildings revitalises districts and reignites our interests. Legal compliance is met by consumers demanding ethical compliance too. Why tear down an existing building when it can be refurbished, and its lifecycle increased and improved? Not only does this make it efficient and up to standard, but the added benefits of uniting neighbourhoods with cohesive experiences that may include retail, lounges and hospitality is the symbol of success. With consideration and good design, these are the areas we find our clients are drawn to and in turn their clients too.

From a simple repaint and office refresh to a complete overhaul to change the fabric of your community, asset repositioning continues to play a huge role in the future success and tenancy of your properties. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you on your next project.