Close up of Matt Barke, construction manager at McCormack.

Matt Barke

Construction Manager

As Construction Manager at McCormack, Matt is a conduit between the leadership and broader team, linking all the parts of the McCormack machine to create a best practice approach to his role.

He guides and leads his team to deliver project outcomes that exceed the expectations of their clients. Having worked his way up in the construction industry, he joined McCormack last year with a wealth of experience under his belt. Matt combines the practical skills of the trade, gleaned from his time as an apprentice and site manager, with his emphasis on clear and considered communication.

Matt believes communication is key to smooth project delivery. His commitment to the internal McCormack team has seen him promote open dialogue between Project Managers and Site Managers to ensure superior outcomes for clients are achieved. He has also implemented systems and processes to unify the way information is shared amongst the team.