Close up image of our newly appointed General Manager of Victoria, Harry Harisiou.

Harry Harisiou

General Manager (VIC)

As an integral member of the executive team, Harry Harisiou (General Manager), holds a central role in shaping and executing strategic business practices within the McCormack family. His responsibilities span driving operational excellence, spearheading strategic projects, and ensuring seamless alignment of business objectives throughout the organisation. With a proven track record in the building materials and construction industry, Harry brings a wealth of expertise in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Sales Management, and Team Building, backed by his education at the University of Melbourne.

Since joining in early 2022, Harry’s commitment and leadership have propelled the company to significant milestones. His ability to adapt to evolving challenges underscores his exceptional career trajectory, positioning him as a natural leader in driving both short-term objectives and long-term growth initiatives.

Harry’s ongoing support empowers directors and senior leadership to navigate the company towards sustained success, firmly anchored within McCormack’s strategic framework.