Greg McCormack close up.

Greg McCormack

Managing Director

Greg is the founder and foundation of McCormack, bringing more than 45 years of industry experience to his role as our Managing Director.

Although Greg’s career in the industry began with humble beginnings as a part-time painter, today under his leadership, McCormack has successfully grown into one of Australia’s leading building services companies. From leading small demolition jobs and maintenance projects as well as warm shell delivery, amenity upgrades and even full-scale office fit-outs, Greg packs a wealth of knowledge and has helped shape the values we’re built on. Despite maintaining a critical, high-intensity role at McCormack, Greg will always take the time to meet and consult our team, project partners and clients alike. 


Throughout his accomplished career, Greg’s focus has always been on building and nurturing relationships with his clients and team members, as this is what drives him to achieve great outcomes. McCormack has been honoured to have, both Lauren and Brad, Greg’s children, come onboard at McCormack in senior leadership roles. Greg works closely with both Lauren, Brad and the team at McCormack on a day-to-day basis, providing a unique and valuable perspective providing advice and guidance along the way. His mentorship for our extended family and the drive to deliver a superior product, no matter the size of the project, continues to forge future growth for the company.