Close up of Brad McCormack

Brad McCormack


Having started out as a commercial leasing agent, Brad’s career progression has seen him work as a Project Manager and Estimator amongst other roles before becoming Director of McCormack.

From the fine detail to the bigger picture, Brad has a keen eye for a breadth of new opportunities and he now takes a sweeping overview of all the projects McCormack have underway and in the pipeline, whilst still keeping his eye on the intricacies. His oversight is thorough and he is always approachable and on-hand to dive back into the detail when required.

Brad is often involved in projects in the estimating and planning stage, drawing on his experience as a licenced Builder to advise, consult and strategise. Working across many aspects of the industry has given Brad a depth of experience and a unique broad perspective.

Brad is passionate and hard working. Having worked in the business for 13 years, he has overseen the growth of McCormack, something he reflects, ‘we can all feel proud of.’ The calibre of fit-outs and projects McCormack are currently attracting and delivering on are a true reflection of the diligence and honest hard work Brad and the team have invested into McCormack.