Newly appointed – as of May this year – as Business Strategy, People and Culture Manager, a title the even he’ll admit is a bit of a mouthful, Harry explains, “I’m not HR and I am here to listen, observe and assist the directors and the leadership team with the development of business strategy, and overseeing the people and cultural aspects of the business.” In that case, the title fits.

As the construction industry shifts and moves in an ever-evolving world, new challenges present themselves in unexpected ways. Seeing the potential to further our own working environments, Harry’s appointment places McCormack in a stronger position to effectively handle our future growth and success.

Through years of experience, Harry has recognised that every organisation’s success starts with its people. Providing a common mission and purpose, having clear lines of communication, strong and empathetic leadership, recognising personal and professional development needs, and career advancement are key drivers.




McCormack is a family built and run business, with all four directors actively involved in the operations of the organisation, trust and loyalty has been the cornerstone to their success. “People want leaders they can go to and trust. Clients and stakeholders require organisations and their people to be reliable for this trust to be realised”, Harry explains.

McCormack has grown to a point where the things that worked on smaller scales can be enhanced to help us continue to stay at the top. Harry, along with the Directors, have helped us solidify these structures, rethink growth, and ensure the systems we have in place are pressure-tested and reworked to improve our team and the industry we serve.

When asked how this all began, Harry stated, “I caught up [with the directors] some time ago for an informal chat. They recognised that their business had grown organically, but how do they sustain growth without losing their family values? What are the things we need to put in place to ensure we don’t burn out our people while also keeping our clients happy?”.

McCormack’s determined approach to listening to its people, alongside Harry’s appointment, ensure continual growth that maintains our people and teams’ well-being while supporting client satisfaction. 

So how do we do it? “We create listening groups to get great feedback without managers present and allow truthful answers. Staying true to McCormack’s values, we [then] create team structures within the business. My theory is to present it in a story-type fashion that will resonate with our people, informing them that ‘here’s a tribe to support you”, Harry explains. In this way, we support people’s development, grow retention and increase engagement.

McCormack’s position as a progressive, diverse, and cultural leader in the industry is something we’re proud of and continue to build on as we develop and expand.

With Harry’s appointment, the future of McCormack is inextricably linked to our people as tomorrow’s leaders and industry thinkers. As we take our next steps forward, through these initiatives and dedication to our people and culture, we understand what separates the good businesses from the great—ultimately paving the way for the best quality buildings and services on the market.