“We would demo and make-good, and we realised we needed to employ some labourers and carpenters to keep up, to get these jobs done. Then we started to do fit-outs and restorations.”

The merits of a job well done, Wade and Greg understood at the time what this could mean. Soon there were fifty tradespeople – of all kinds, painters, carpenters, labourers and specialists – attending to all aspects of the job. Clients understood that McCormack’s approach (actually dating back to Jack’s rules of reliability, timeliness, quality and trustworthiness) meant quality, in both execution and personally.

When a job is executed with quality, it speaks for itself, but when it’s done with the respect and value of a great working relationship, then long may it continue; an important trait and attribute Wade is trying to imbue with his mentorship and involvement in providing opportunities for young people to get into the industry – like the McCormack Graduate Program.

“Our clients are our best asset, and we’ve had a lot of good clients for years,” he says with a builder’s nonchalant sense of pride, “but [with the graduate program] we’re going forward, and with my brother and kids they’re taking it forward again.”

“We’re taking them from school and university and getting them to assist the Project Managers and Contract Admin teams. Getting them to do everything from go to whoa, legal, estimating, design, P.M. (project managing). I don’t know how much I do, but the team is excellent,” Wade says casually, obviously well around the program.

With three generations in the company now – and more coming – McCormack, both the business and family are well placed to continue the legacy laid out all those years ago. The Graduate Program will be the beginning for so many aspiring designers and project managers looking to leave their mark on the skyline and industry.

While Wade understands that good leadership is about having great people around you, and with that, we’ll be in safe hands.