Since joining the McCormack team in 2019, Trang Perrine is, as she puts it, ‘highly analytical and results-oriented in business planning, financial and management reporting’. Which are all great for a LinkedIn bio, but the at the heart of what truly matters are the unique qualities Perrine brings to the McCormack team.

“Of course, we have our immediate tasks and KPIs to meet, budget, margins etc, but it is important that we also support the directors and their visions and strategies, by aligning short term financial goals with long term strategic objectives, “says Trang of the balance she needs to strike.

“I realised that being a leader is no longer just about oneself. A good leader understands that the success of the team is directly tied to the success of each individual member.”


“If I can foster a sense of collaboration, teamwork, and trust amongst team members by promoting a culture of transparency, accountability, and shared responsibility, I can inspire and motivate them to work together towards a common goal and achieve success while making positive impacts to the business.”

This goes hand in hand with her wellbeing and that of her team too. “I am very lucky to work in an ethically sound, high-performance team. They always inspire me to be the best version of myself, and I am very lucky that McCormack really care about my well-being. When I feel that I reach my limit, I take a weekend away to meditate, or to spend time in nature with family and friends.”

As part of the Order of Interbeing (established in Saigon in 1966 by the venerable Thich Nhat Hanh) Trang made a vow to the continuous practice of mindfulness, ethical behaviour and compassionate action in society. Known for her sense of humour and sensibility, her awareness, skillset and empathetic approach to leadership, Trang’s unique combination of analytics and authenticity has seen McCormack’s financial position grow year on year since becoming CFO.

In the old days the CFO may have been seen as the bean-counters of the office, hidden away to crunch numbers in quiet, but these days, the position is multi-faceted and diverse.

“We support decisions (made by the directors) that may not have an immediate impact on the bottom line but will contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of the business. That might mean new customers or new markets, but we’re also prioritising the needs and desires of customers, building a loyal client base that will support the business over the same period.”

A perfect reflection of McCormack’s vision for what makes a successful company, Perrine exemplifies the notion that a happy staff is a productive staff. If we are to do the best work possible, a staff who’s wellbeing is placed front and centre will have more incentive to achieve.

“I believe that the business is genuinely interested in the staff’s wellbeing, their learning and development. In my case, McCormack has given my team and myself many opportunities to develop and be better versions of ourselves,” finishes Perrine, before adding her favourite mantra, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” wonderfully echoing McCormack’s Family Built motto.

Finally, Perrine demonstrates the importance of clear and balanced thinking and how CFOs are, and should be, more than just number crunchers.


With a mindful and empathetic approach to leadership, Perrine embodies our philosophy and values.


“When I became CFO, one of the very wise directors kindly whispered in my ear, “you don’t have to prove yourself anymore. It is now about your team.” I realised that being a leader is no longer just about oneself, because leadership is fundamentally about guiding and influencing a group of people towards a common goal or vision.”

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