How does the old saying go?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The notion that we can keep doing what we are doing with the environment and expect it to get better has long been shattered. And while the world has changed and brought us amazing technologies, our advancements have come at a cost.

McCormack’s approach to business, employment, trade and equality is nothing if those same values aren’t applied to the environment and the effect building and construction has on our world.

We work according to a strict set of rules, including a waste management plan implemented by our demolition partners, Synergy Demolition Group.

Synergy Demolition Group are working at the forefront of construction waste removal reporting all waste; furniture, carpet, metals, glass, ceramics and stone, masonry and concrete, cardboard, paper, plastic, plaster and timber, and where it can be reused or recycled it is and where waste is an avoidable reality it is weighed and accounted for. Limiting landfill and impact is the number one goal.

Synergy Demolition Group’s intensive waste management plan ensures compliance with all applicable environmental protection laws. Through their practices, they promote sustainable resource utilisation and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. Energy use conservation and efficiency is monitored and upgraded where possible, giving preference to renewable sources where feasible to promote climate change mitigation and adaptation. Seeking to reduce the risk of harm from their activities to human health and the environment, and from pollution or waste is the prime objective and as McCormack sees it, the only way forward.

Constantly updated to fulfill latest requirements and best practises, our belief is that business need not stop because of environmental measures; the future only continues if mutually beneficial relationships are maintained.

As a multi-generational company, we only see the value in a healthy, green future. There are no sides to take, just the collective spirit to act, innovate and implement for the benefit of everyone. The protection of the environment and these sustainability measures are simply the right thing to do.

McCormack’s commitment to sustainability is an absolute, as the only way to exist in a modern world. We want to set an example for the industry and for the contractors, subcontractors, and people we work with.

Earth Day 2022 is on April 22.