Lighthouse provides children and young people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, with the care and support they need to heal and thrive. Through community collaboration and their evidence-based Lighthouse Model of Care, they create therapeutic homes and deliver tailored support programs to transform the lives of young people. They also educate and support foster carers and families in the same way, so they too can care for some of Australia’s most vulnerable children.

As an extension of our values, McCormack has committed to a long-term partnership with Lighthouse Foundation, pledging more than just financial support. Understanding the difference that love, consistency, care, and safety can make to a child’s life, McCormack has and will continue to help spread the message of Lighthouse’s amazing work through support drives, community engagement, and awareness campaigns.

Lighthouse Foundation
Lighthouse Foundation

Our McCormack people have provided voluntary services for working bees and therapeutic home renovations, whilst also assisting with letter drops and awareness campaigns during Foster Care Week. In the future, cooking days, donations instead of Christmas gifts, and pay-it-forward style donations will act as McCormack’s promise to the kids and families of Lighthouse.

We are but a small part of the solution to homelessness and the issues facing these children, but by providing help, and being consistent and present, we can make this feel more like a community. A crucial part of the program is proving to these kids that not everyone is being paid to be there.

Undoubtedly providing a remarkable service and one with the potential for tremendous and life-changing impact, the team at Lighthouse, including Founder Susan Barton and our Partnership Manager, Allira, and her team; are all amazingly warm and motivating. Their selfless work to promote and provide for these kids has inspired countless people and organisations to get involved.

Our contribution to organisations such as Lighthouse Foundation is more than the warm and fuzzy feelings we get; it’s necessary to make significant and lasting changes to the community.

At the end of the day, these issues are bigger than any one company, but if we can increase awareness and community involvement for needy services such as these, then we believe we’re on the right track.