McCormack places graduates into fundamental areas of current design and construction projects to expand and offer overall development with direct contact. With great mentorship from McCormack’s team leaders, those in the program will guarantee a proper rounded experience, one with real-world outcomes and effects. The team-based environment ensures the development and growth of all students through a greater understanding of the project life cycle.

Following the completion of the program, participants will have experienced several areas or services that contribute to the end result. It’s at this time, an offer will be made to the candidates to decide which area they would like to continue their professional development and career.

Participant of the program, Eren Sahin, said,” The graduate program has boosted my career by providing insight into the variety of roles in the construction industry. It has allowed me to have a fundamental understanding of how a project runs from tender to post-construction.”

“The comprehensive training that McCormack provided has allowed me to apply my new skills to my everyday life and the projects I am working on now.”

With an understanding that building great properties requires that you build great teams, the McCormack Graduate Program was established to make sure the business stays on the front foot of more than just design and construction. New ways of thinking, operating and developing will always be needed.

If we can offer our experience, network and skills to the next generation, then we can continue to provide superlative results to our clients.