Meet Mahmoud Elmasry, a current cadet at McCormack whose goal is to become a construction manager. Mahmoud’s journey, as he’ll tell you, owes much of its success to the valuable lessons he learned from his upbringing and hobbies such as Muay Thai and the values his family instilled into him from a young age.


Muay Thai, a combat sport known for its physical and mental demands, might seem worlds apart from a career in construction management. However, Mahmoud believes that the discipline, determination, and dedication that has been fuelled by his Muay Thai training has tied into the mentality he takes into the cadet program.


As a practising Muslim, Mahmoud understands the importance of striking a balance between work, life, family, health, and what he considers to be the most important, his faith. With his daily prayers, which he performs five times a day, and his time spent at the mosque with his community, Mahmoud embodies the importance of a culture and family-oriented approach to life.  Mahmoud’s strong family orientation and his  commitment to his faith have a great impact on his journey. He recognises that a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that values family and faith not only enrich his personal life but also contributes to a more vibrant and motivated professional environment at McCormack.


Mahmoud, an inspiring leader, has embraced numerous leadership roles that demanded effective communication, strong organisational skills, and the ability to delegate tasks. His natural people-friendly attitude, combined with his unwavering reliability, has proven to be a perfect complement to these qualities helping Mahmoud excel throughout his cadetship.


“The most valuable experience I’ve gained from participating in the cadet program has been the ability to connect with all the key players in a construction project. As a cadet, I had the privilege of engaging with project managers, site managers, estimators, clients, and trades. This exposure significantly expanded my knowledge and provided me with a broader perspective on the construction process.”


McCormack will be searching for its next group of future leaders through our graduate programs this December with a start date in the new year. You can keep up to date with the latest job adverts and stay in touch by keeping a eye out on our careers page here.  A job advert will be posted in the coming weeks.