“[When I started] I just loved being onsite, although being a female was pretty challenging – there weren’t many of us out there,” she says.

As a third-generation member of a family business, the full service building company McCormack, Lauren already had her work cut out for her, proving her worth, filling big shoes, and delivering on her name. Add to that, being a woman in an overwhelmingly male dominated industry, her fortitude and dedication has meant that she now stands at the top of the company ladder, in her role as Director. It’s here that she sees her position and influence having the biggest impact, getting more women into the workplace.

“My goal at McCormack is to create a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers our staff to create not just beautiful spaces for people to work in but makes them feel as if what they are doing is making a difference to people’s lives,”

Beginning in 2022, the Victoria Government has moved to ensure women will no longer be a rare sight on building sites, with the introduction of the new Building Equality Policy. In the Australian first initiative, the policy will mean that women must make up at least 3 percent of trade roles, 7 percent of non-trade and 35% of management/supervisor and specialist roles in government projects worth $20 million or more.

What this means for Lauren McCormack and her family business is the certainty of something she has been advocating for, for some time.

Lauren & Brad McCormack
Lauren McCormack

“We have been taking real action to increase the number of women working at McCormack, and I’m proud that our office is incredibly well-balanced, with an even gender split at leadership level, and more than 50 percent of female staff overall,” Lauren says, before adding, “there are so many talented women in this industry that are paving the way for the next generation.”

It’s also about real world work-life balance, making sure the working conditions, the balance of office and remote working and the practicalities of being on site are all met. With three young kids Lauren understands the blessing and difficulties that remote working has brought, but with it has been the ability to develop a flexible work scheme for all staff, recognising that a happy team is a productive team.

“To me, it is not just about caring about our own team; it is also about showing mutual respect for everyone I meet — nurturing and developing relationships is my passion.”

“I want to set a good example for my three girls and show them that you can achieve anything in life.”