With a Bachelors degree in Business from the University of Lincoln (U.K.) and plenty of industry experience, Latham doesn’t lack expertise, but as she will tell you herself, “I’m not from Melbourne, and this is a position that is about connections. Over time and with the support of a lot of amazing people it has become much easier.”

On joining the McCormack team, Kirstie expressed “wanting to learn more about the construction management of our projects and spend more time on site.” Not shying away from a challenge, Latham is always curious, keen to learn, hence her desire to be on site more often. She also had some positive feedback from her first couple of months with the team, “If you want to work with fun, inspirational and supportive people, McCormack is the place to be,” says Latham. “They do what they say when it comes to the support and growth of the team. It’s an inclusive culture and I know, personally, that they’re open-minded to working with you and helping you achieve in your role and career.”

Interest areas for Latham include Workplace Strategy and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). She feels that offering a wholistic process to clients is key when differentiating amongst competition. “By considering these principles, companies can create sustainable, employee-centric work environments that contribute to a positive impact on the environment, attract and retain talent, enhance corporate reputation, and achieve long-term cost savings.”.

When asked about her life outside of work, Latham said “I love spending time with my beautiful friends and family, whether that be trying new restaurants and bars, a new fitness class or just chilling out!”.

And an interesting fact about the new addition, her first taste of construction was completing her regional work for her visa on a prison site in Darwin “character building is the best thing I can say about that”.