In the dynamic world of construction, the adage “learning is a lifelong process” holds truer than ever. The industry is constantly evolving, and embracing a passion for learning is the key to personal and professional growth. We firmly believe that continuous learning is the cornerstone of success, and we are dedicated to fostering career progression and opportunities for ambitious individuals.

We understand the significance of investing in the development of those trying to get started, as they represent the future of the industry. By providing young people with valuable experiences and a secure entry into the field, we create a platform for meaningful employment with diverse career pathways.

Take Riley Fogarty’s journey as an example. Coming to McCormack as an apprentice, after identifying his aspirations to become a skilled Site Manager, he received training, guidance and was able to transition into a Site Coordinator position, before proudly progressing to a Site Manager role.

“After becoming qualified, I knew I wanted to progress my career so I sat down with my manager and we had the discussion. A plan was put in place and after demonstrating I was ready, the first part of my progression was put in place and a Site Coordinator role was created. This helped train and help me progress into a Site Management position, which I currently hold and am really enjoying. I love being part of the family here and I know there’s a lot of support” says Riley Fogarty of his career progression, through the ranks and the encouragement he received from McCormack.

With strong roots in the industry, we believe supporting the development of apprentices makes us all stronger, and through TAFE organisations and schools, we can help young people take the next steps into rewarding jobs and careers. We provide mentors, pairing apprentices with qualified team members, supporting and guiding them through their development and formal studies.  Having confident and competent apprentices benefits us all, and the development of engaged, curious students willing to work, explain, demonstrate and observe their learnings makes for productive and safe sites, and ultimately great places to learn.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of McCormack employees and Directors. Everyone I worked with was very helpful and I feel like they all had time to teach me,” says Riley. “It’s been outstanding, and I am truly grateful for the time and support McCormack has given me over the last 5 and a half years.”

McCormack began as a painting company way back in 1969 and now offers careers in all facets of the construction industry. From design and project delivery to estimating and procurement, site management and trades, there are positions for all. We are able to maintain the quality of our work because of the quality of our people, and we have seen through these programs that the road begins with quality education and apprentices ready to take that first step. From there, McCormack is dedicated to the development of opportunities that foster long-term growth.