Part of ‘being part of McCormack’ is truly incorporating the family-built values of our company beyond traditional norms. In addition to building services as an industry, we consider our role in the lives of our staff and our community as one of the most significant impacts we can have as a business. We know that a happy team is productive, and together we can shine.

August for Animals – A simple idea
When an initiative for the health and well-being of our family members arrived, we could not pass up the opportunity.

“I mentioned that I was a volunteer at some shelters from time to time – just walking dogs and being around them,” says Rebecca Mandile, McCormack Project Coordinator, on how our August for Animals came about.


“There are many people in the office with pets, and we are a family and so are pets,” she wisely says.


Rebecca then coordinated this initiative, to which our directors quickly gave their support and encouragement.

Though brief, this initiative bought the team together for a great cause – did you know that every year, in Victoria alone, 14,000 pets are turned into the RSPCA Victoria? This initiative also encouraged camaraderie and, perhaps best of all, the introduction of puppies to the office.

During McCormack’s August for Animals, we had several awareness visits from the RSPCA, which included a group visit to volunteer at their Burwood Shelter. “For the entire month, we also had ‘bring your pet to work,” remembers Rebecca fondly “and park-and-play mornings at Victoria Park oval behind our office”.

Corporate Support Day

Participating in the RSPCA Victoria Corporate Support Day program came as an opportunity for our team to have an immersive, hands-on and truly unique experience. From learning more about animal rights and advocacy work, their well-being and bonding over a great cause, this experience had something for everyone.

“We started the day with an animal welfare education session and then spent the day contributing towards the maintenance and upkeep of the shelter at Burwood”. Taking on roles usually filled by RSCPA’s staff and volunteers gave our team a guided tour of the relentless hard work and effort that goes into the work they do every day.

August for Animals
August for Animals
August for Animals
August for Animals

We got a lot more by giving a little back.

Raising awareness for the RSPCA Victoria provides funds and sheds light on their vision of ending cruelty to all animals while providing an extensive range of services and programs to safeguard and improve the welfare of these animals. Funds raised for RSPCA directly contribute towards the services they provide for re-homing, education programs, vet clinics, adoption services and animal advocacy.

August for Animals truly made a difference in the lives of the two-legged as much as the four. As a part of McCormack’s ongoing approach to doing better every day, this project gave many of us a chance to reflect on the impact we can make, providing us with the necessary balance we need to keep operating at the highest levels.McCormack sincerely thanks everyone who participated and donated and those that helped make August for Animals a reality. Every dollar, walk or pat continues to make a difference in the lives of an animal in need.