McCormack is always looking for ways to expand and demonstrate our skillset. How we demonstrate and display our work is crucial in showing our brand – in a positive light of course – but in ways that align with McCormack’s values and notions of quality and attention to detail.

Making sure our team always puts our best foot forward is McCormack marketing manager, Annie Koiker. With delight and dedication, Annie is a huge advocate for the business and the driver for McCormack’s recent brand overhaul.

The rebranding – designed and developed by Dugan & O’Sullivan – was a way for McCormack to demonstrate and reinforce these values. With stronger type and a bold new wordmark, our new branding is strong, reliable and dependable, like we are. Read in conjunction with our new ‘Family Built’ tagline, our philosophies and intentions are clear.

Giving the business a strong aesthetic and vision has been Annie’s raison d’etre in her role as marketing manager and as the success of this brand building translates into new projects and greater awareness, Annie is looking to take this into the future.

“I’m fortunate to get to build upon the strong foundations that we’ve established over three generations now, and make sure the incredible work we’re doing is being recognised – and the people who make up our organisation are being seen” explains Annie.

Anyone who meets Annie quickly learns about her genuine care for the McCormack brand. “I feel like part of the family here too and I genuinely care so much about them and their company’s success too.”

“We’re really focused on our vision and strategy at the moment and how we’re going to take McCormack to the next level. We’ve expanded a number of teams within the business, marketing being one of them with our new Content Coordinator Zac – and I’m working with the leadership team establishing our strategic objectives and how we’re going to achieve them. Being able to see the organisation holistically and make a valuable contribution is something I am really passionate about.”

You might have recognised her from the portfolio of project images she’s featured in, stepping in as an extra to help activate the spaces we proudly shoot. Behind the camera, she’s always looking for inspiration too, keenly following the pages of architects, contractors and designers that are pushing the boundaries in the Industry.

“Such an important part of our brand identity is the care and detail we put into the projects we deliver. I love following pages with great architectural photography for style and design inspiration like The Local Project. I have so much appreciation and respect for good design, and especially the way our incredible photographers’ have captured the real essence of our projects over the years; Jack Lovel, Shannon McGrath, Emily Bartlett to name a few. It’s nice to see so many of our community kicking goals in their respective fields.

“One of my favourite parts about this role is finding the stories behind the projects and being able to share them. I still couldn’t tell you the magic that our construction teams work on site to take an empty shell to a finished product, but I’m lucky enough to work with these talented people who do. I get to step in at the fun part and make sure their work is captured in the best light and their hard work is seen and recognised”.

Written by Dugan & O’Sullivan.