Committed to working towards carbon neutrality by 2030, McCormack will achieve this by working on four key areas identified by our Social Responsibility Committee. By reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, waste output and water usage, we can embed sustainable practice in the work we provide each day. Our continued growth, provides us with a unique opportunity to seek ways to formalise our commitment to social responsibility as corporate citizens. We accept and seek to raise awareness of our impact in the construction industry and want to improve environmental and sustainable competence across our teams while reducing emissions.


The Green Star Rating system serves as a guiding sustainability framework for McCormack, influencing our design, construction, and management practices. Ultimately, it assists us in formally meeting our clients’ sustainability objectives. Projects seeking Green Star ratings are not only rewarding for our clients but also for our business and all involved in bringing these visions to fruition. Encouraging clients to use materials with low environmental impact and locally sourced options can greatly benefit in reducing materials sent to landfills.


McCormack has been actively involved in various projects implementing sustainable building practices. Here are some sustainable fit out examples:


Today Design Fitout by Studio Edwards

A key component of this project was a commitment to sustainability through zero waste and using readily available materials. Interior walls are constructed from timber framing and OSB board, bathed in natural light through translucent corrugated sheeting. The layout intentionally breaks away from the rigid building grid, utilising sliding track elements and movable panels to foster interaction.



Undisclosed Client  by Studio 103

Considering our client’s strong commitment to sustainability, we designed a sustainable fit out to meet a Green Star rating. To evoke a connection with their brand identity, deep maroon tones were integrated into the feature carpets, symbolising a fusion of their branding red and the rustic hues found in the Australian desert. Additionally, soft grey blues were introduced to infuse a more neutral and timeless aesthetic into the interior architecture of the fit out. The use of natural earthy timbers further unified the entire space, providing a grounding element and adding warmth to the overall design.



WMK Architecture by WMK Architecture

“Planting a 6m tree stands proudly in our welcome area, symbolising our commitment to sustainability and fostering environments that promote wellbeing. Complementing our olive green design palette, the lush greenery not only enhances aesthetics but also reflects the ethos of the WMK brand. Utilising sustainable materials such as cork and FSC-certified timber throughout our space underscores our dedication to eco-conscious practices. From acoustic wall linings to custom concierge desks made from recycled materials, every choice embodies our mission for sustainability.” WMK spokesman on the completed sustainable fit out.