The Vision Eye Institute worked with Artifex, McCormack and Studio 103 to create a turn-key solution that would allow them to relocate into the building, into a fitout that met their budget, timeframe and requirements.

Studio 103 designed a space that would feel residential in nature whilst still managing to meet all their practical workplace needs and capitalising on the wonderful views.

A neutral base palette kicked off the design dictated by soft beige tones and light timbers in hopes to bring the characteristics associated with residential and wellness spaces into this commercial environment. To balance out the neutral palette and create a point of difference in the design of the space, dark contrasting accents and navy finishes were worked into the palette, increasing the contemporary feel, and adding a level of sophistication to the space.

In addition to the materials palette, the spatial design of the workplace was also focused around bringing a sense of “home” into the whole office. Ensuring the kitchen and breakout areas were neighbouring on the wonderful views on offer was a must, as was making sure all offices received ample natural light. Finally, the collaboration spaces were strategically centralised to promote the team coming together.