McCormack had the privilege of collaborating with an industry leader (undisclosed) to plan and build a 950m2 fitout at the esteemed 101 Collins Street, showcasing panoramic views that boast an impressive 180-degree perspective of the city, stretching from Flinders Street Station to the Dandenong mountains.

The design brief for their new Australian headquarters was centred around capturing an authentic Australian narrative. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of the Australian outback, incorporating deep earthy colour tones. These colours, reminiscent of the natural beauty found in the outback, created a harmonious and immersive environment that truly reflected the essence of Australia. In addition to this, we integrated Aboriginal art throughout the space.

Considering our client’s strong commitment to sustainability, we designed the fitout to meet a 4-star Green Star rating. To evoke a connection with their brand identity, deep maroon tones were integrated into the feature carpets, symbolising a fusion of their branding red and the rustic hues found in the Australian desert. Additionally, soft grey blues were introduced to infuse a more neutral and timeless aesthetic into the interior architecture of the fit out. The use of natural earthy timbers further unified the entire space, providing a grounding element and adding warmth to the overall design.  Want to see more sustainability focused projects? Click here to discover our recently completed Today Design fitout