Located within the inner-city Collingwood, the Today Design office fitout occupies a 12-story office building. This 700m² space was designed to encourage collaboration and innovation for the digital agency Today Design, embracing inclusivity for clients, collaborators, and their teams.

A key component of this fitout was a commitment to zero waste and using readily available materials. Interior walls are constructed from timber framing and OSB board, bathed in natural light through translucent corrugated sheeting. The layout of this office fitout intentionally breaks away from the rigid building grid, utilising sliding track elements and movable panels to foster interaction.

Visitors are welcomed by a tapered timber entry portal leading to a reception area, lounge, and gallery/event space. Flexible design elements, such as hinged walls and operable curtains, adapt spaces for various group sizes. Private work pods, video conferencing suites, and meeting rooms encircle a central stair core, with translucent panels ensuring privacy and natural light.

Client collaboration was a priority in this office fitout, with plenty of whiteboard space and custom furniture designed for teamwork.

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