Having successfully executed a range of projects at 31 Queen Street, McCormack recently completed a 934-square-foot workplace fitout for MRI Software. Under the guidance of Alanah Dougan from Studio 103, the design reflects a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, emphasising a sleek, minimalist tone while incorporating subtle green elements throughout the space.

In line with the workspace theme, a polished concrete floor serves as a reflective surface, enhancing the overall contemporary ambience. The addition of curved grey walls contributes a calming presence to the workplace fit-out. Notably, the kitchen stands out as a focal point, doubling as a breakout space for staff. The design elements feature a deep vault stone benchtop counter connected by fluted black panel tiles, complemented by an exposed black ceiling that is adorned with a hanging ceiling-mounted light and cascading green plants.

The emphasis on functionality is evident in the thoughtful layout, enhancing the usability of the office space. Ergonomic furniture is seamlessly integrated throughout the meeting room, kitchen, and general office areas, ensuring an organised and efficient workspace. The attention to design and functionality ends in a workspace that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations.