A large part of McCormack’s philosophy is our connection to community. Our ‘Family Built’ motto reflects the genuine relationships we have with all our community and ’family’. Recently, with the help of our suppliers and contractors we completed an amazing refurbishment for the Lighthouse Foundation.

Having previously spoken about our long-term commitment to Lighthouse Foundation we wanted to make it known that our pledge meant more than just financial support. Being able to dedicate our time and resources to upgrading their existing facilities in Cremorne was a very important mission for us, and one we didn’t take lightly.

“We really called in a lot of favours with our contractors and our suppliers, but the best thing about our community is that they’re all willing to help.” Lauren McCormack, McCormack Director, knows that these things aren’t easy, but they are important. “It has a sense of warmth and care and I just know the young people will love this space. It’s that intangible feel of us showing them that by providing this space for them, that we love them,” says Lighthouse Foundation Direction, Susan Barton AM of the new space.

To see more of the finished result, watch the project video here: https://mccormack.com.au/lighthouse-foundation-youth-resource-hub-refurbishment/.