McCormack is excited to announce the completion of 10 speculative suites, spanning 3250 sqm, spread across 8 floors at 88 Walker Street. These suites are located within North Sydney’s newest landmark, the tallest tower in the area, proudly standing at 180 meters with 50 levels, offering breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour.

Our team managed the build process, integrating design management, value engineering solutions, and budget control to curate a diverse array of speculative suites tailored to various budgets and workplace layouts.

Situated within this iconic landmark are state-of-the-art recreation facilities, a business hotel, and enticing dining options, culminating in a blend of business and leisure amenities. Embracing the building’s contemporary design amidst its industrial surroundings, we incorporated exposed ceilings and high-grade finishes to create a truly distinctive environment.

The speculative suites were designed by two of Australia’s premier architecture and interior design firms, Greenbox Architecture and WMK Architecture. The primary focus throughout this endeavour was to deliver a range of suites that appeal to prospective tenants, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience that distinguishes them in the market while guaranteeing quality and value for money.

By implementing strategic planning and efficiency solutions, such as showcasing high-grade finishes of base build columns and delineating clear separation between front and back-of-house areas, we have achieved a remarkable outcome.


Well done to the Sydney team, Caddie Sanders, Tui Kiel, Jonathan Aldeguer, Trent Zantuck, Aydin Gharagozloo & Youssef Elassaad.