Designed by Studio 103, this innovative workspace embodies¬†Kinetic‘s commitment to sustainability, collaboration and creating a brighter future.

As the largest bus operator in Australasia, Kinetic plays a pivotal role in Melbourne’s transportation network, operating a third of the city’s bus services. However, Kinetic’s vision extends beyond efficient public transportation. The company is dedicated to building a cleaner future, driven by achieving a zero-emissions target. Kinetic embraces clean energy, transport technologies, and operational resource efficiency to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Studio 103’s design for Kinetic’s head office aligns perfectly with the company’s values and aspirations. Sustainability takes centre stage throughout the space, with careful selection of eco-friendly materials. The spatial layout emphasises the abundance of natural light, fostering a bright and inviting atmosphere that enhances productivity and personal well-being.

The extensive use of warm timber tones throughout the office evokes a sense of calm and comfort, creating a welcoming environment for both employees and visitors.

Furthermore, the integration of First Nations designs through carpets and feature custom rugs serves as a powerful reminder of Kinetic’s continuous commitment to community engagement and connection.