McCormack has recently completed an impressive end of trip & amenities upgrade at 479 St Kilda Road. Situated in a prime location with easy access to parklands, the building offers an ideal setting for its occupants.

The end of trip & amenities upgrade aimed to deliver an elevated experience for occupants, focusing on creating impactful, spa-like space that exude luxury and style. Studio 103 design concept centered around all-encompassing bathroom schemes featuring integrated lighting and a sophisticated color palette, including bold green hues and decadent fixtures. By infusing elements of luxury and relaxation into every corner, we transformed the facilities into a rejuvenating oasis, elevating the promise of comfort and sophistication for building occupants.

One of the key challenges faced during this end of trip & amenities upgrade project was the diverse existing conditions of the lift reveals across different lobby floors. With inconsistencies across “set back,” “flush,” and “proud” positions, maintaining design consistency posed a significant hurdle. Our solution involved deploying multiple on-site coordinators collaborating closely with trades and designers. To ensure design integrity, we strategically adjusted some lift lobby setouts and built out proud lift reveals to match, incorporating elements like vinyl wrap and tiles with appropriate trim. This approach ensured that the design intent was preserved throughout the project.


Shortlisted for the 2024 INDE Awards in the Health & Wellbeing Space Category