McCormack returned to 54 Wellington Street after recently completing a workplace fitout for Today Design. We were excited to construct two speculative suites (878sqm) within the same building. This building provides tenants with the perfect location to achieve work-life balance with access to a flexible workspace The Commons and within walking distance of two major train stations.

The construction of the speculative suites proceeded smoothly and was cost-efficient, adhering to a tight schedule and completing construction in under 12 weeks. The speculative suites included the installation of new mechanical ducting to complement the existing system, enhancing functionality and contributing to a more comfortable and efficient working environment for future tenants.

Throughout the design process, bricks from the previous building were repurposed as brick piers, effectively converting waste materials into valuable design elements. This approach not only reduces environmental impact but also pays homage to the history of the previous structure. The specs offer a functional layout that exudes an industrial office vibe, creating a utilitarian and contemporary workspace.

Thanks to all our team and contractors involved in this project. Everyone maintained a head-down approach, demonstrating a commitment to the project’s success.

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Built by McCormack, Simon Hehir, Dino Cutts & Vin Aneja.
Design: Studio 103, Alanah Dougan
Client: Impact Investment Group
Client Side PM: Neoscape Pty Ltd