263 William Street, located at the center of the business law district, within walking distance of the scenic Flagstaff Gardens. A once-historic pub has been transformed into an iconic tower in the city skyline.  McCormack was appointed 4 floors to complete speculative suites on and an additional floor to be transformed into communal office space that would incorporate an exclusive business lounge for tenants and feature a trendy coffee lounge alongside creative meeting room space.

Each level incorporates modern innovation with unique design elements that differentiate themselves from each spec suite such as multi-colored exposed ceilings that set the mood for each floor space.

Crema, a tier 2 construction company, controlled the building as they were developing it when McCormack commenced work on the spec suites. This created some obstacles for the team having to work around Crema rules and walking through their site, despite this, the team was able to complete staged works and complete the program within 14 weeks on time despite the tight program a testament to those involved.