This expansive speculative suite spans nearly 1,000m2, functionally catering for many potential future tenants. In conjunction with Studio 103, Aston Consulting, CBRE and Deka Australia Management, McCormack delivered this spec suite.

Ease of use and effective growth for tenants were essential aspects of this project. With a central breakout space encouraging collaboration for future employees and a healthy mix of formal and informal work zones, private offices and meeting rooms, open collaboration and project areas, as well as quiet zones, the space effectively works to achieve this.

A particular design focus of this project was to maximise the natural lighting in this floorplate, which stands somewhat restricted due to the proximity of the surrounding building. Three main design elements were utilised for the win;
– the colour palette which used bright, soft tones to ensure the light was kept in and bounced around the spaces, while whites and beiges softened the space
– textures of the fabric chosen introduced soft sheets and depth
– organic tiles and carpet patterning created a malleable residential feel to a workspace, inviting its tenants to feel at home.