The primary factors contributing to the uniqueness of this particular spec suite are its size and the pre-lease commitment from a tenant even before its completion. The spec suite is an exceptional offering as it spans an enormous 3,500m2, a rarity for spec suites which remain unoccupied until a tenant signs a lease. In a bold yet rewarding move Artifex and Peakstone insisted on maintaining the spec suite’ size rather than dividing it into smaller tenancies. As a result, the suite’s distinctiveness sets it apart from the norm and meets the market with a real difference.

This single floor housing this massive area made design, planning and fit-out both strategic but enjoyable to work with. The designer’s intent was to place all built zones to maximise natural daylight but also to ensure it was well spread throughout the the building, finding the right balance.

Using a rich, deep colour palette complemented by soft organic forms created an environment that was moody yet calming. The open workspaces are welcoming and amassed with a neutral palette. Fun and excitement prevails in feature areas like the breakout room, meeting rooms and collaboration zones.

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