The Salvation Army came to McCormack seeking not only a flexible, well-priced contractor, but one with the care and understanding to work respectfully alongside, and for, their clients. The goal was to refurbish and upgrade the amenities area in their Bourke Street office to one that would withstand constant use, provide a safe environment for Salvation Army clients and be easily cleaned and sanitised. The brief was strict: sharps disposals, soap dispensers and showers heads must be recessed into the walls. Showers, disabled toilets and other fixtures and fittings also had to be made secure so they couldn’t be easily removed or cause harm. Overall, there was a desire for prison-grade features with a more attractive, homely aesthetic.


McCormack managed the live environment to ensure the safety and security of all Salvation Army staff and clients who were passing through the site. Our Site Manager’s relaxed, approachable nature created a positive rapport with curious Salvation Army clients and this enabled the site to be managed effectively. Lead times on the project were also extended due to the specially designed sharps containers being sent across from the USA, ensuring the project could be delivered to meet the strict requirements.

The design itself uses hardy, wipe-down materials, along with anti-ligature fixtures and fittings. Recessing provides a modern, clean look to the build, and the use of continuous tiles along the walls and floors combined with bright lighting, mirrors and silver fittings, gives a functional, clean, contemporary look. Overall, the design is one that will be long-lasting, secure and will ensure the safety of all Salvation Army clientele.