McCormack has successfully executed a diverse range of projects at 452 Flinders Street, an A-grade landmark conveniently located within walking distance of Southern Cross Station. Completed works encompassed a ground floor refurbishment, structural enhancements, multi-floor lobbies and amenities, fit-outs, and an EOT.

Navigating numerous tasks within a live environment presented its own set of challenges. To minimize impact on both the client and tenants, McCormack strategically scheduled most of the work during non-business hours and weekends. Notably, the lobby upgrade incorporated striking feature screens suspended above the lifts and integrated throughout the space. McCormack’s Project Managers anticipated extended lead times for the eight-meter high glass panels, considering their importation and the need for meticulous installation, often at elevated heights.

For the façade extension, McCormack’s in-house consultants were enlisted to oversee the design and construction, ensuring seamless integration with the overall project plan.

The resulting design is nothing short of breathtaking. Upon entering the A-grade building, it immediately evokes the ‘wow’ factor sought by Dexus. The space exudes a streamlined, modern industrial aesthetic, characterized by soaring glass panels and fixtures. The clever combination of steel, glass, natural timbers, and marble contributes to a contemporary and sleek ambiance. The reception area, adorned with vintage-style furniture, strategically placed planters, and intelligent lighting, offers a relaxed yet high-end vibe. The End of Trip facilities mirror the industrial-themed lobby, featuring additional steel ceiling panels for a cohesive design throughout.


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Ground Floor Refurbishment

Structural Works

Level 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 Lobbies, Amenities & DDA

Café Fitout

End of Trip

Façade Works

End-user/Direct for tenant

Level 5, 6 & 7 V/Line Fitout (9,000m2)