Facility Services - McCormack Property Services Pty Ltd
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It’s all about experience and trust when it comes to building maintenance. With 35 years of commercial facility maintenance acumen McCormack has the demonstrated capability to effectively maintain your asset and help you sleep well at night.

As asset owners are now acutely aware, buildings and workspaces require specific ongoing maintenance and servicing in order to meet their occupants expectations and ensure that all equipment reaches their optimal lifecycle objectives, in turn maximizing their respective returns on investment.

With McCormack maintaining your building, assets, equipment or facilities, you can be confident your working environment is in the best qualified, independently certified and licenced hands.
Through our fully integrated web-based work order management system, we can provide general maintenance through to fully transparent operational management of your workspace, or buildings.

As a true one-stop-shop, our system seamlessly manages the receipt, coordination and completion of all service responses, in real-time, providing you with flexible, reliable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system also provides live and direct access to all service reports and safety information which means you have access to all field data for any in-depth internal reporting obligations.

Live Financial Accountability

Using our live platform, we can work with you to develop and validate budget control, capital project expenditure and/or general maintenance spending, in real time. Through the application of an agreed framework, reporting transparency and controls, we are able to deliver performance outcomes in line with your own budget objectives in real time NO more end of month financial surprises!

Access to Multiple Trades

McCormack directly employs carpenters, painters and maintenance technicians, and will only work with qualified and approved plumbers and electrical subcontractors. As a licenced commercial builder, we are a direct source for all your maintenance needs, not just a middle man.

Preventative Maintenance

We can ensure your property is compliant and proactively maintained by monitoring your environment and scheduling legislatively prescribed maintenance. As an industry leader in this regard, we are one of the only service providers that can fully track and demonstrate that all maintenance is performed in real time. We also have the unique ability to share all performance data and service metrics with various stakeholders, as specifically controlled by you. i.e. No more sending reactive reports, share what you want, when you want with who you want, 24/7.

Reactive Maintenance

Whether it’s changing a light bulb or recovering from a major event such as fire or flood, McCormack has the capacity and experience to respond immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are the trusted partner to respond to and support all commercial and industry clients, such as councils and Metro trains.

Service Coverage

With access to over 120 trade staff throughout Victoria, we provide local service with national capability. Using our mobile platform, the same service that you want is delivered with the same systems and processes, regardless of the location.

Interested? Great! Call us to arrange a no obligation demonstration and find out why so many clients trust and use McCormack every day.