“My goal at McCormack is to create a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers our staff to create not just beautiful spaces for people to work in but makes them feel as if what they are doing is making a difference to people’s lives,” says Lauren McCormack.

There’s nothing cynical about providing a workplace where people want to do well and want to stay. Unfortunately, it has become a rare occurrence in the modern world where transience is common and loyalty a long-lost attribute. Happy staff are inclined to work better, producing better products and results, delivering work that makes our clients happy. It’s a cycle that we knowingly repeat to get the best outcomes possible.

Craig Collins has been with McCormack for 37 years. He first started at McCormack, following his father Darryl into the company as a painter.

“He (Darryl) was one of seven that started with Dad 50 years ago. They worked and made retirement with us. All of them here for more than 30 years,” Wade McCormack remembers.

As a paint supervisor, Craig has seen the company grow and change, but even in the early days, the culture, and the McCormack family, in both a personal and business capacity, have proven to be the thread. “The McCormack family have become great friends over the years; you won’t find a nicer place to work,” says Collins.

“Just last week, Kel Carmody retired after 20 years (with the company). We wish him the best in his future endeavours, fun and adventures,” says McCormack.

“And Greg Voisey worked with us for over 40 years, and his son Tony is still working with us. Trinity, Tony’s daughter, has also done some work with McCormack, making it a third-generation,” McCormack adds.

“We’ve had guys and their sons do apprentices, and even today, Evan Blaylock started with us as an apprentice at 16. He’s now 62, still going strong after 46 years of service. Unheard of these days, wonderful!”

A positive and embracing work culture, as discussed in a recent piece with Amal Iharkachen about McCormack’s internal magazine, The Bridge, is one of our core tenets and the happiness and wellbeing of our staff is something we never stop thinking about or developing.

Giving ownership, responsibility, mentoring, training, and providing for different life circumstances like working from home or splitting time where possible, we enable our staff to achieve their best. These simple and effective initiatives make McCormack what they are today. In a reciprocal deal for our clients, we believe this makes McCormack the best choice for the job.