McCormack Sydney,  extending the legacy of our family-owned construction firm into the bustling NSW market with a second branch in Sydney. Specialising in a range of services including office fit-outs, asset repositioning, refurbishments, and building restorations, we cater to many diverse clients across commercial, education, government, and healthcare sectors. Guiding McCormack Sydney is Trent Zantuck, a seasoned General Manager boasting over 15 years of expertise across various sectors. Trent’s dedication to excellence permeates every project, ensuring unparalleled service delivery and client satisfaction across NSW.


Our commitment to excellence is fortified by our in-house team, fostering seamless collaboration and communication. With a unified approach, we advocate for client needs, deliver quality service, and engage stakeholders across all project facets. From our contributions to 88 Walker Street to the acclaimed office fit-out for WMK Architecture, our track record speaks volumes. With numerous successful projects under our belt, McCormack Sydney continues to set new standards of excellence.


McCormack Sydney looks to expand our horizons, extending our top-tier services to new markets.  We are committed to redefining industry standards and inspiring future generations.