Is it time to upsize your office?

Is it time to upsize your office?

As a business leader, you know how important it is to plan for future growth of your organisation – but what sometimes gets overlooked is making plans for growth within your workspace itself.

Space restrictions can greatly impact on business output and employee productivity. The research speaks for itself: employees’ attitudes, behaviours, satisfaction and work performance are directly impacted by their office environment. An overcrowded office can lead to dissatisfaction, low morale, will lessen productivity and seriously reduce employee wellbeing.

Six signs your office is overcrowded

  •      You struggle to find suitable workspaces for new staff
  •      Employees are working from home more often and/or sick days are on the rise
  •      Noise levels are increasing
  •      You’re hearing comments about the lack of meeting rooms or private spaces
  •      The paperwork’s piling up because you’re out of storage space
  •      Productivity and morale seems down

If you know there is going to be growth on the horizon (or you’re already full to capacity!), the time to start thinking about moving to a larger office is right now.

Always choose more

The golden rule when finding a new workspace is that it’s always better to have more space than not enough. Offering your staff plenty of room to move and a comfortable, spacious office means you not only leave room for additional growth, but morale will maintain a healthy level – leading to a happier and more efficient business.

One way to guarantee your business will be able to foster your projected growth is to look at typical space layouts, then consider how many employees you currently have, and how many you plan to employ within your 2, 3, 5 and 10 year plans.

Get help from the experts

Depending on your business needs and objectives, work with a leasing agent and your office fitout specialist who will help you decide on the right tenancy size for the present – and the future. Remember, it’s not only about size when it comes to planning your office fitout, consider the layout of desks to maximise privacy, how to make use of the light and space available, and the inclusion of private spaces, breakout rooms, and collaborative spaces.

Planning for the future brings long-term benefits

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, upsizing your office now has the potential to provide greater returns in the future because you’ll avoid losing fees when you break a lease, you’ll increase the lifespan of your office equipment and you’ll most likely get better terms for longer lease duration. Not only that, you’ll be placing your employees first. A good work environment can attract top talent, increase productivity and boost your overall business image.

McCormack: the fitout specialists

The office fitout specialists at McCormack are highly qualified to help you make the most of your office space and layout, and help you plan for the future. Working across a range of tenancy sizes, McCormack’s team of fitout experts will ensure you’ll move confidently from your existing space into your new tenancy with ease.