Four ways to improve productivity in your workplace right now…

Four ways to improve productivity in your workplace right now…

While the debate of open plan vs closed offices continues, the team at McCormack is looking past the layout to help you find the changes you can make today.

These changes can increase your workplace productivity, and have your staff thanking you as well!

While some are quick and easy to implement, others can take time and know-how.

Read on to get inspired and, if you have any questions about how you can take your workplace to the next level, simply click here to get the answers you need!

  1. Add some attraction

Don’t be fooled – there’s more to a beautiful fitout than meets the eye! With research showing that aesthetically pleasing elements like plants can increase productivity by up to 15 percent, now is the time to declutter and add a touch of beauty to your space. But it’s not only plants. Beauty includes pictures, flowers and anything else (yes, puppies!) that will make the team smile. So, add in a few elements and see the happiness and productivity skyrocket.

  1. Think small

While an open office is great for conversation and collaboration, for top performers it can distract, and detract, from their work. But with 70% of offices being open plan, what’s the solution now? Simple! Break out into smaller spaces that allow individuals to remove themselves from the workplace chaos, without missing out on the daily action. If you want to see what’s possible, click here to find some office space inspiration.

  1. Quiet please!

Every workplace is different, but one thing remains the same throughout all spaces… phone calls and over-the-desk-chats are a way of office life. But did you know that the noise caused by general office movement can reduce productivity by as much as 66%? Without killing the fun and vibe you’ve worked hard to create; how do you turn the volume down and the productivity up? The answer? Acoustics! From ceiling tiles and insulated floors, to noise machines strategically placed around the office, you can get some quick wins for sound reduction just by making these small updates.

Looking beyond the minor update, you can really ruffle some feathers and look to physically move the office around. Your two main options:

  1. Create barriers in open spaces that will create a ‘cubby’ style environment and help to contain the noise.
  2. Move the desks away from high traffic areas like elevators and main entrances.

Whatever you decide, your team and your bottom line will thank you!

  1. Colour me pretty

Just like beautiful things keep us productive, colours also have an impact on how we work, feel and interact. The psychology of colour is something everyone should know.

Try these starter tips for using colour:

  • Blue stimulates clear thought
  • Yellow boosts creativity and lifts spirits
  • Red physiologically affects the body and elevates pulse
  • Green creates a sense of calming balance
  • Saturated, bright colours stimulate
  • Softer, muted colours relax and soothe

Feel you can’t paint a wall or change the office look? Never fear! Add accents and accessories in your desired colour and you will enjoy the same outcomes.

Looking for more office inspiration? Click here.

If you have any questions, or want to know what it takes to get your office to the next level, contact with us today!