We are approaching a significant shift in our workplaces. How we use them, when we use them and what they’re used for are shaping the modern office. Our new work from home and Zoom-enabled culture has caused businesses to rethink what productivity means to them and how they can attract their employees back to the office after years of remote operation. 

The rapid advancement of technology has had a huge impact on the dynamics of the office, with many modern workspaces now being designed to integrate smart technology, responding to the varying needs of the people who use them.

Recently, a complete overhaul and refurbishment of Cornwalls – one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious law firms – gave us insight into the future office; a place where productivity and efficiency meets collaboration and reflection. Through an amazing introduction of the latest screen and display technology, Cornwalls is redefining the modern workplace.

Like most renovations or refurbishments, it starts with good planning and design, and our in-house design team Studio 103 took care of the space with their usual aplomb. Why this project stands out, however, is the seamless integration of interactive displays and touch screens supplied by IdeaLayer (formally Cruiser Interactive Technology). The inclusion of which pays respect to such a historical building and space, while allowing the business to operate at the cutting edge of smart technology.

The use of IdeaLayer ensures the perfect collaborative environment whether in the same room, office next door or interstate. Essentially a series of interactive and touch screen displays linked to your computer or server, they enable fluid exchange of information, while fostering creativity and productivity in beautifully immersive ways. The centrepiece of this project is the massive 3.7m x 1.4m touchscreen that can be everything from a video wall to a presentation canvas or an amazing brainstorming board for workshops and pitches where Cornwalls can instantly shift content across screens in a hands-on, interactive showcase for clients and staff. It allows networks and start-ups to collaborate and share ideas, files, folios and figures, anything at all, in real-time.

Part of the brief was to shake up the stale corporate scene and bring a refreshing dose of design and expression to the office. The appropriately dubbed Innovation Lab is central to the redevelopment, and plays a huge part in the success of the project, seamlessly merging modern solutions such as this with the beautifully old building.

A key takeaway from the project was to see how IdeaLayer’s technology works into any and all projects without having to turn your space into a Wall Street trading floor or the deck of the USS Enterprise. In settings such as Cornwalls, where the bones of the building are brought forward and celebrated, we need to understand that screens and tech may dominate (and improve) our workflows, but they need not dominate the aesthetic.

“McCormack listened to everything we wanted and delivered exactly that every time. Hands down, the team you want to engage when doing your next build.”


Another takeaway for McCormack and clients wishing to pursue this tech is IdeaLayer’s locality. As an Australian-based company software can be easily configured to meet clients’ needs and wants while providing training and ongoing support in a personal capacity. It means clients can be catered to, whether on large projects such as Cornwalls or a single interactive display to encourage engagement in retail or smaller office spaces. The possibilities are endless and something we are going to see more and more of as businesses look for an edge in the market as well as enhanced productivity and higher level of engagement.

Despite the magic the new screens bring, Sofie Filippone, COO of Cornwalls recognises, “there is no real magic to getting a great result, all you need is to be surrounded by great people who know their stuff and can deliver at high standards – that we certainly had. McCormack listened to everything we wanted and delivered exactly that every time. Hands down, the team you want to engage when doing your next build.”