Whether a café, a wellness centre, asset reposition, spec suite, or workplace fitout McCormack knows that by taking on a Design and Construct contract at the very onset of your project will ensure the very best results – efficiently, aesthetically, and financially. Working hand in hand from day one enables a project to achieve the client’s design intent with practical, achievable processes in place.

McCormack’s highly experienced Design Manager, Kristopher Cabanela, comes with significant experience in Design, Project Development as well as technical expertise. In his experience, “Sometimes, traditional design – tender – build process can expose clients to issues such as communication breakdowns, budget overruns and project delays.” Engaging a skilled team to execute your D&C project alleviates the pressure and confusion of external contractors and consultants, in effect giving you a single point of contact to streamline and speed up the process.

Our 50+ years of experience in both, design and construction space ensure fewer variations, fewer holdups and projects that are quicker to completion because our experience and knowledge are utilised at every stage of the project. By its very nature, the ability to coordinate at every step removes the likelihood of clashes and confusion every step of the way.

With unencumbered involvement – from leasing and negotiations to design and completion – total project management, we’ve delivered many clients, such as Koustas+Co an extraordinary turn-key solution that exceeds expectations, has minimal defects and is on budget. Click here to see the complete turnout of the project.

At a detail level, McCormack’s synchronisation of these services – from go to woe – means quality control is a responsibility that lies with us. The handling of documentation is reduced to a single source to allow your build to commence in conjunction with design. Working in this way guarantees significant savings, lessening changes, and variations, but with the ability to work on the fly, if necessary, with efficient execution.


“For Design and Construct, this ‘under one roof’ approach enables the client to embark on a streamlined process that reduces their risk on overspending, project delays and communication breakdowns which ultimately enhances their experience with us.” – Kristopher Cabanela


The McCormack Design and Construction process, at its heart, creates an environment of transparency, one that safeguards budgets and ends with well-designed, cost-effective results. And at the end of the day, we enjoy working this way because with delays, overspending and risks mitigated, our clients get to experience their project the way they envisioned, seamlessly and hassle-free.

Get in touch here to talk about complete design and construction possibilities for your next project. Continue reading about how engaging a skilled team like McCormack to Design and Construct as well as execute your project can help safeguard budgets and deliver well-designed, cost-effective results.