Better Built Series – An impressive workplace overhaul


As landlords look to the future and for greater returns on investment, the ability to provide prospective tenants with turnkey options that are flexible and conducive to a multitude of business types and vocations is key to greater and faster occupancy rates. We proudly introduce ‘Better Built’, a mini-series by McCormack and our team thatRead More

Distinguishing Landlords & Tenants with Spec-Suites Uniqueness

Contemporary office interior design featuring transparent glass meeting rooms adorned with captivating vintage artwork

Exacerbated by the pandemic and the significant changes it has brought to the workplace, landlords and asset managers have been presented with a fundamentally different landscape now than a decade ago. However, rather than watch occupancy rates drop, landlords are adjusting to their situation, and a large part of this response has been the spec-suite.Read More

McCormack Oaks Day 2022

Champagne, champagne and more champagne. 2022 Oaks day together.

McCormack’s annual Oaks Day party was in full swing at the Bleakhouse this last Thursday 3rd November. Even bigger and better than last year, we were joined by friends and family and some of our cherished partners we have worked with over the past twelve months. As part of the event and our continued supportRead More

Winning in Sydney and Brisbane

Trent Zantuck the Sydney GM of McCormack.

McCormack’s New South Wales and Queensland office goes from strength to strength. With a growing list of projects and new relationships being formed, it is time to take a closer look at our team from across the border. Having officially opened our doors in August 2018, and despite feeling the effects and uncertainty of theRead More

Cornwalls Law + More

Cornwalls Law reception area.

How does one of Australia’s oldest and most respected law firms design and build a new office befitting its reputation and legacy? Completed this year, the prestigious law firm Cornwalls engaged McCormack and Studio 103 to design and develop a new office and floorplan that occupied 2,100 square metres over three connected buildings. A mixRead More

A closer look at supply and demand in the new normal

McCormack project managers discuss a asset reposition commercial project in Melbourne, Victoria.

There’s no doubt we’ve all noticed things are getting expensive – from energy costs to raw materials, fuel and shipping charges, labour shortages, and environmental fees – both figuratively and literally – most things. Steel suppliers seem to be updating prices weekly. Similarly, just as timber, glass and textile industries raise their costs, we’ve seenRead More

Well placed for the future, Collins Place

Close up of a restaurant table. The table is nicely set and ready for guests to arrive.

As the world finds its new normal and the city’s employers are readying themselves for the imminent return of workers and staff, businesses are preparing to go all in to seize the moment. The latest to dive into the new era is Collins Place, and its high-end mix of retail and hospitality fits right intoRead More

McCormack’s long-standing culture

McCormack directors have a laugh on site whilst enjoying city skyline views that the building in Melbourne offers them.

“My goal at McCormack is to create a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers our staff to create not just beautiful spaces for people to work in but makes them feel as if what they are doing is making a difference to people’s lives,” says Lauren McCormack. There’s nothing cynical about providing a workplace whereRead More


McCormack may have had its start in Jack McCormack’s garage over 50 years ago, but his principles of teamwork, reliability, trustworthiness and quality still guide the company today. The humble beginnings of the painting and maintenance company changed when Jack’s two sons joined the fray. Greg and Wade took McCormack from the garage to aRead More

Empowering Office Return through Wellness Initiatives

Balance Studio

Companies and corporations, the world over have seen the impact a balanced and happy worker can have on its operations, while governments realised the same could work to foster a happy population. At the end of the day, wellness, and the well-being of everyone should be less of a concern and more of a right.Read More