Few restaurants in Melbourne are held in as high regard and for as long as Flower Drum. Multiple hats, awards, banquets, and legendary private dining room parties have set the Flower Drum into Australian hospitality folklore and infamy. The design and build of its first significant change in 40 years was not to be treated lightly.

Working with McCormack and the in-house design team, Studio 103, a bar was designed to attract a new customer while not alienating the loyal regulars. Able to operate as a destination in its own right or take on extra duties as an overspill for a full restaurant, the bar is reminiscent of a high-end hotel in Hong Kong; deep red, chainmail, gold, and jade establish an atmosphere of playful decadence while creating an air of anticipation of the meal ahead or the secrets about to be shared in the cherry red velvet banquettes.

Located just as you alight the elevator, Flower Drum’s new bar sets its tone early. Perhaps a barman mid cocktail, groups and couples sharing snacks and smiles, it is the success of any new space that seamlessly integrates itself into the lives and actions of those around it; to inspire, not interfere.

McCormack and the team at Studio 103 created a space that does just that. It freshens and updates the restaurant while feeling a part of the family; adding to rather than taking away. Since its launch, the new bar at Flower Drum has been extensively featured in Broadsheet with features in Good Food and Melbourne Food and Wine.